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Model JC 46 250 - 350 AMP DC Contactor

250 - 350 Amp Rating, Coil Voltage 12 V to 240 VDC

JC 46 Series contactor is rated at 250 - 350 amps. This versatile unit is available in coil voltages from 12 V through to 240 VDC. It can be mounted in pairs or a triple assembly on a bracket, together with interconnecting electrical links to suit customer needs. The JCM type has a built-in failsafe. If both coils are energized simultaneously, the contact design creates an open circuit.

There are options available for the JC 46 Series:  
  • Magnetic Blow-Outs - Normally used on all inductive load applications and on resistive loads when switching voltages higher than 48 VDC
  • Auxiliary Switches - Available on the JC Series and rated 5 amps at 24 VDC
  • Large Contacts - Used mainly in severe applications such as pump motor switching. The suffix “L” denotes the large contacts.
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Model JDA 46 350 - 450 AMP DC Contactor

450 Amp Rating, Coil Voltage 12 V to 240 VDC

The JDA is a single pole, single throw, normally open heavy duty DC contactor and is particularly suited to standby power applications, especially telecommunications.

The JDA Series Contactor is fully serviceable with spare kits available for bridges and contacts, and is also interchangeable with other leading brands. The coils used are generally continuous types, however intermittent and prolonged use coils are available. The coil voltage ranges from 12 V up to 240 VDC. Closed contactor housings are available to prevent the ingress of dust and dirt.

Care should be taken to ensure that switches are not located in positions where any heavy arcs originating from the contactor can cause damage to adjacent parts.


  • Robust and durable
  • Compact
  • Easy servicing
  • Interchangeable with other leading brands
  • Auxiliary contacts
  • Closed contactor housings
  • Mounting brackets
  • Coil suppression
  • Coil rectifier
  • UL Approval
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Model JEA48 350 - 600 AMP DC Contactor

Up to 60 VDC, 350 - 600 Amps


The JEA48 Series DC contactors are specifically designed for use in Resistive Load applications, particularly the standby power market and in the telecommunications industry.

Other typical applications include emergency lighting systems, welding equipment, commercial and military generator sets, load bank power circuits, and battery chargers, for Inductive Load applications please contact AMETEK Switch for additional data on this product. Each contactor is available for mounting in various positions.

Coil Voltage 12 V to 240 VDC, UL Approved

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